The Learning Centre



implements the

SSP Approach 

for the teaching

and tutoring

of literacy 


A fun, playful approach to teach all learners how to read, write and spell.

Wiring brains for literacy using innovative techniques.

@ Dyslexia Doctor House







early reading and spelling

Teach your pre-schooler or Preppie to hear, segment and blend sounds in words 

Regardless of what reading or spelling program is introduced later at school, you can immunize your child against illiteracy by wiring their brains to be able to HEAR sounds in words before they begin formal education.

With this fun, play based approach, you can learn along with your child  to fully encourage a love of reading. 

Brynn had no literacy instruction prior to learning via the SSP Approach in Prep. Now beginning Year 1, she is unstoppable!


Robyn Hill

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Ann Henderson

Two of my children have been introduced to reading and literacy courtesy of Ann Henderson and the SSP Approach. I cannot recommend Ann highly enough. This is an amazing initiative, eliciting incredible results, and most importantly, instills self-confidence in children and their own ability to read. In addition, it is delivered by a highly experienced teacher who genuinely cares for and works intuitively with children.

~ Cass Charlesworth ~

This is a very well thought out system. In particular, I value that it is NOT about surface learning (memorisation) but gives students the opportunity to discover their own connections. The 'sight words' are awesome - only one word to memorise - the others can be worked out. Most of all it is fun and playful.

~ Lois Grant ~

Drawing sound pics to rhyme