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Supporting students to reach their potential in literacy

Individual Support

Dyslexic learners, reluctant readers, or ineffective spellers?

Tackle the issue head on and address one of the main underlying issues - phonemic awareness deficit.

Re-wire brains so that mapping phonemes to graphemes is easier and 'just makes sense'.

TLC Noosa implements the SSP Approach to the learning of reading and spelling. We focus on oral language (articulation), phonemic awareness, linguistic (speech to print) and visual phonics to offer an early literacy intervention. 

SSP techniques support brain research on neuroplasticity and provide students with optimal learning opportunities, regardless of past experience or performance. 

Preschoolers sessions ~ SSP Steps to Reading 

A rich oral language combined with high phonemic awareness equips children for future reading and spelling success, no matter what literacy program is taught at school.  


What is SSP?

SSP (Speech Sound Pics) is a playful, highly structured, multi-sensory, scaffolded approach to explicitly and systematically teach students to read and spell. Within all SSP activities students learn to isolate phonemes, segment, blend, manipulate and map them with graphemes in a range of reading, writing and spelling activities. 

Brain research tells us that when the fun stops, learning often stops too (The Science of Learning) Learning to read and spell using SSP is 'fun for the brain'. 

Opening Hours 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - QLD school term dates

After school sessions (Prep - Year 5 children)  FULLY BOOKED

Please register your interest - if a place should come available 

3:00 - 4:00  

4:15 - 5:15

5:15 - 6:15

FEES $50 per session. 10% sibling discount.

Payable by cash or card per session or invoiced per term

Term payment 10% discount

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